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:: Welcome :: Govt. Medical College Miraj

Welcome to Government Medical College Miraj.

As Government Medical College, Miraj, , previously known as Miraj Medical College successfully completes 52 years, it may be difficult for visualize the early days when this medical college was almost literally started on a shoestring ! 

To prepare graduates and post graduates who achieve excellence in their chosen fields and who are committed   to serve the society. Also to provide the underserved population quality and cost effective healthcare services.  

To train caring physicians and to enhance the quality of life of individuals and society.

To possess a high standard of medical knowledge and skills in support with advanced medical equipments and are proficient to work with and for the community.

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Dean Message

Dean Message

Welcome to Government Medical College Miraj.One of the most prestigious medical institute in western Maharashtra.

Dr. Sudhir Digambar Nanandkar M.D.(Forensic Medicine), LLB.

Dean Govt. Medical College, Miraj.


Administrative Members

Dr. Priyanka Nandkishor Rathi
Dr. Priyanka Nandkishor Rathi
Medical Superintendent (GMCH Miraj)
Dr. Vikas Deokare
Medical Superintendent (P.V.P.H. Sangli)
Dr. Reshma Chavan
Dr. Reshma Chavan
Vice Dean (P.G)
 Dr. Abhay .S. Sardeshmukh
Dr. Abhay .S. Sardeshmukh
Vice Dean (U.G)
Administrative Officer-GMC,Miraj
Mr Chandrashekhar Shintre
Administrative Officer - G.M.C., Miraj.
Our Faculty

Meet With Our Faculty

Govt. Medical College Miraj

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जुने नॉन एम.एल.सी पेपर्स आणि नॉन एम.एल.सी रजिस्टर निर्लेखन, प.व.पा.शा.रु.सांगली.
डिस्टल वॉटरचे रिकामे कॅन 5 लि क्षमतेचे निर्लेखन,प.व.पा.शा.रु.सांगली.
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